Many bands from Berlin and from all over the world have played in the Wydoks Club. If they were then still able to, they went around the corner for some recordings in the Wydoks Studio. In the legendary Wydoks Music Studio originated recordings of bands like Rammstein, Feeling B, Freygang, Steve Binetti and many others. Wydoks Media has collected documentary sound recordings as well as concert footage of various bands and solo artists. A unique feature is a collection of live recordings of Germany´s most popular punk bands from the nineties.

Exemplary components of the Wydoks music archive are:
Concert of “Peaches” in der Kastanienallee, Berlin 2011
Concert of “Jim Croft & Band” in der Kastanienallee, Berlin 2011
Concert of “Ganjaman & Jr. Randy”, Columbiahalle, Berlin 2003
Concert of “Feeling B” im Tacheles, Berlin 1998

German punk of the nineties:
Abwärts, Bazookas, Abstürzende Brieftauben, Daily Terror, Skeptiker, Emils, u.v.a.
Live & Open Air, Berlin 1993

Recordings of “Radio P”, formerly GDR´s one and only pirate radio
3. Okt. 1990, Day of German reunification
(radio reports)

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