Wydoks Media – Film & Music Production Since 1989

November 1989: The Wall comes down – “Feeling B” frontman Aljoscha Rompe and friends occupy Schönhauser Allee 5 in the Berlin district Prenzlauer Berg. Various artists flock to this area in the then eastern part of Berlin. It became a place for visionaries in a time of massive change. The Wydoks Group was founded. The name, stemming from widok (pl. view, sight), is the program. With the change of society in view, various workshops and seminars arose. An atelier, a recording studio, a film studio and the Wydoks Club all found a home under the roof of Schönhauser Allee 5.
1999 saw many artists leave Schönhauser Allee 5 seeking fame and fortune. The WYDOKS FILMSTUDIO (founded in 1990) in contradistinction stayed. In these early days mainly documentaries were produced. Next to concert cuts from “Feeling B”, “Rammstein”, “Ganjaman & Junior Randy” and many other bands from the Berlin music scene, WYDOKS produced documentaries about the German capital’s change, the melting pot of people and cultures and in general things of social concern. Since 2000 Wydoks Media has produced fiction as well as documentaries, animated films, music videos and DVDs from various genres.